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Interface VideoChannel

Participant's video channel

The video channel represents a single video connection. For a local participant it holds a video stream from one of the attached cameras. For a remote participant it holds one of the remote video streams.

Source property of the MediaStream interface is implementation-specific

  • see the comment for MediaStreamSource. For a plugin-based implementation it holds a StreamSink which represents a an HTML element that would host the native window created by the plugin to render the video stream.


Show video of participant A in



Replace participant A's video with participant B's video:



  • VideoChannel




camera: Property<string>

A video device description for this channel.

Camera should provide a camera description that can be used for channel identification in the UI.


isOnHold: Property<boolean>

Set this property to hold/resume video on this channel for the local participant. For a remote participant this property is read-only and is true when the remote participant is holding video on this channel.


isStarted: Property<boolean>

Set this property to start/stop streaming video on this video channel.

Setting this property to true for the local participant starts video on this channel. This property is read-only for a remote participant in 1:1 conversation. For a remote participant in a multiparty conversation setting this property to true does not start this participant's video remotely, it just tells the conference that the local participant wants to see (subscribe to) the remote participant's video. Similarly, setting it to false does not stop this participant's video remotely, it just tells the conference that the local participant wants to unsubscribe from the remote participant's video.


isVideoOn: Property<boolean>

Query this property to get remote participant video state

It may be used in gallery view to decide which participant can be promoted to stage because they have video. For local participant it is equivalent to isStarted. This is a read-only property.


stream: MediaStream

Participant's video stream.

In a plugin-based implementation a media stream may be started by the Start method of this interface but the media packets will start flowing only after at least one sink (rendering window) is added to MediaSource. The app can detect the media flow start by observing the stream state. That state is Active when the media starts to flow and becomes Inactive when media stops (which happens when there are no rendering windows). The app may elect to display the participant's photo instead of their video until the stream state becomes Active rather than Started, otherwise a user may see a dark window during the stream transion from Started to Inactive to Active.

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