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Interface SearchQuery<T>

Represents a search query that may combine standalone search terms with key-value pairs defining search for items with given property values.

We don't want to build an elaborate query language, so we default to CONTAINS and OR. Example: Searching Persons for "Jos" may return both a Person named "Jay Osbourne" with id "josbourne" and a Person named "Joseph Smith" while searching for "jos" would return "Joseph Smith" only.

Type parameters

  • T


  • SearchQuery




getMore: Command

The search method.

Always enabled for the first invocation. For subsequent calls is enabled if the previous getMore call indicated that there are more results available and can be obtained. In some cases, however, additional results may be available on the server but not obtainable as the server doesn't offer API to get them.


limit: Property<number>

Max number of results to be fetched by one getMore call


moreResultsAvailable: Property<boolean>

Indicates whether more results are available on the server.

The fact that more results are available doesn't necessarily mean that these additional results can be obtained as the server may not support getting these additional results. However if it's possible to get these results, GetMore will be enabled and will be able to pull them.


Observable collection of results appended by each getMore call


text: Property<string>

search terms in the search query Example: "Joe" returns "Joe Smith"

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