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The web based model schema enabling a shared UI between Skype for Web for

Consumer and Skype for Web for Business


Contains the API surface that is common to both jSkype and jLync.

  • Any interfaces introduced in this folder will be a part of the public jLync web SDK.
  • In future if there is a jSkype web SDK then this folder is a potential source for generating documentation.
  • Only interfaces that are truly common to both jSkype and jLync should go here.


Contains the API surface that is internally used by jSkype and (optionally) jLync.

  • This folder should contain interfaces (or partial interfaces - see int/Participant.d.ts) that are used by SWX and expected to be implemented by both jSkype and jLync, but which are not to be exposed as part of the public SDK.
  • New interfaces that are in development stage in jSkype can be added here.
  • Note: jLync implements all interfaces provided here.
  • Once an interface in this folder is stable and fully implemented by both jSkype and jLync then it can be promoted into the common folder.


Contains any additions on top of the common folder that are required as part of the jLync web SDK.

  • This folder inherits content from the common folder.
  • The jLync web SDK documenation will be generated from this folder.
  • jLync implements the content from this folder.
  • The contents of this folder have no impact on jSkype, it is specific to jLync and its SDK.

API diagram

               ^                         ^
               |                         |
        schema/s4b.sdk                   |
               ^                         |
               |                         |
        jSkype4Business ---------> schema/int

How to test changes made to the schema

  • Open command prompt and navigate to the schema folder

      $ npm i
      $ npm test
  • Verify that the above commands complete successfully.

  • Documentation is generated in schema/docgen/S4B-Documentation

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