What's New In UCWA 2.0

What's New in UCWA 2.0

This page lists new features in UCWA 2.0.

Contact and Group Management

UCWA 2.0 now supports the ability to add and remove Contacts, User Groups, as well as Distribution Groups from the contact list.

Conversation History and Auto-Accept

With UCWA 2.0 applications have the ability to view a list of past conversations and continue from an existing conversation thread. In addition, UCWA 2.0 endpoints now have the ability to auto-accept the incoming IM invites and messages like any other Skype for Business endpoints.

Ability to contact a Skype buddy

UCWA 2.0 and Skype for Business Server 2015, UCWA 2.0 endpoints can communicate with contacts from the Skype Directory.