Tracing and Debugging Tools for Browser-Based Applications

Tracing and Debugging Tools for Browser-Based Applications


Fiddler is an HTTP debugging proxy that can be used to view HTTP traffic between your application and the UCWA service. Using this tool, you can see the actual HTTP requests that your application sends 'over the wire' as well as the HTTP responses that UCWA sends back.

For information about Fiddler, see Fiddler PowerToy - Part 1: HTTP Debugging and Fiddler PowerToy - Part 2: HTTP Performance.


In a manner similar to Fiddler, all supported browsers are capable of capturing HTTP traffic sent and received by the browser when interacting with UCWA. This support is typically available by pressing the F12 function key.

Additionally, they also contain JavaScript debuggers that can be used to set breakpoints, single step through scripts to inspect the values of variables, and perform other related tasks.

For information about the debugging capabilities in Microsoft Internet Explorer, see F12 Developer Tools.

For information of interest to Google Chrome users, see Chrome Developer Tools.

For information about Firebug or for some Firefox options, see Debugging JavaScript and Firebug.

For information about Safari tools, see Safari Web Development Tools.