Skype for Business - About UCWA

Unified Communications Web API

Microsoft’s Unified Communications Web API (UCWA) is the Next Generation Platform for Mobile and Web Development. As such, we have created this website to service mobile and web developers. Our goal is to help you get familiar with Skype for Business’s latest API as you embark in the journey of embedding communications in any app!

API Highlights

UCWA is a REST API that exposes Skype for Business Server 2015 Instant Messaging and Presence capabilities. It enables developers to make their Enterprise applications livelier and more vibrant, given the power of cross browser and cross platform support. UCWA has also been optimized for mobility, which implies longer battery life on your mobile apps.

Key use cases that are enabled by this API include, but are not limited to:

  • Anonymous Web Chat
  • Support audio conferencing
  • Light up IM & Presence in your Line-Of-Business app, including Windows 8, iPad, and others
  • Inline Instant Messaging into your application (Contextual Communications)
  • Search for Skype and/or business contacts
  • Better together with UCMA Customer Care family of apps

While using standard web technologies such as HTTP, HTML, CSS, JSON, and JavaScript. UCWA is language-agnostic and one can choose any programming language to code against it

UCWA is currently available only to customers who have Skype for Business on-premises.

Terms of use

UCWA is free to use, and is covered by our end user license agreement.

First steps

You can get started by checking out our interactive Web SDK samples. Then the code and documentation links detail all aspects of the API including some sample code to get you coding quickly.

On behalf of Microsoft, we welcome you to the UCWA family, and we hope you enjoy your journey as you embed communications across platforms and devices!